GOLDEN GODDESS - Dom Dominique

Posted Wednesday, October 25, 2023 07:22 PM ( 573 views)
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About me Like the Trevi, mine is a fountain that never runs dry. How each perceives the product of its flow is, like beauty, very much in the eye of the beholder. For some, it is the heat of liquid gold they desire to feel in every pore; others come to the fountain to receive the offering of a Goddess; still others wish to supplicate themselves before the fountain to taste the ambrosia which can be received from no other fountain. Whether you wish to play in the fountains stream like a gleeful child or be led to it like a recalcitrant sinner, rest assured of a very warm welcome. $300 PER HOUR Call for an appointment. Sunday-Friday 10am thru 8pm. MY PHONE IS BLOCKED FROM SENDING AND RECEIVING TEXT. Ring when you are ready to meet a highly skilled, caring and beautiful DOMINANT WOMAN. If I dont answer directly just leave a message. All calls discretely returned.
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